You can easily learn to play these musical instruments


If you decided to pick up a new hobby or develop yourself in a more artistic way, there are plenty of choices to fill up your spare time. Whether you are a child or a young adult looking to find more thrill in your daily existence, picking up a new hobby is always exciting as long as you like what you’re doing.

Most of us dreamt of becoming famous actors, singers or music players when we were younger but, unfortunately, for many of use these only remained unfulfilled projects. The lack of talent, time or money to pursue professional careers and perfecting courses made most of us give up on our former pleasures or simply picking up something else.

Nevertheless, we consider it’s never too late to learn a new instrument and find joy in creating your own music or impressing your friends and loved ones with your newly-acquired skills. This is why we decided to come up with a list of top instruments that are easy to play even when you’re a newbie or a complete tone deaf person.



Let’s start with the basics and get you not only an easy instrument to practice with but also one that doesn’t require a big investment on your behalf. There aren’t many specifications for different types of harmonicas, so you can choose decent ones for under 20 dollars or so.

Also known as the Blues Harp, a good harmonica will help you play a wide array of music genres, from blues to jazz, folk, country music, and even rock. And since most of the musical notes will be “in key” it is almost impossible to sound bad while playing the harmonica.

Moreover, there are plenty of free online tutorials and videos that show you exactly how to use your device and pick up all the tips and tricks for interpreting or creating new music.

Not to mention that harmonicas are extremely portable, meaning you can carry them with you and practice anywhere you go and no matter how light you travel.



Much like the harmonica, there isn’t too much to do with tambourines that could dismiss your talent. All you have to do is hit it and play with different types of intensities according to your own preferences and requirements.

The tambourine can be literally considered the easiest instrument to play in the world so it can be easily picked up both by children and adults. Again, we are talking about an affordable and portable musical instrument, so it will be extremely easy for you to keep on practicing the tambourine everywhere you go.



This instrument originates from Hawaii and, with only four strings, it will seem like the beginner class for guitar players. Recently it has become extremely popular amongst youngsters and, with an affordable retail value, you can buy one yourself and learn to master it in less than a few days.


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