Why do I need a guitar tuner?

You can consider yourself lucky if you know how to play the guitar. It is one of the greatest musical instruments because it allows you to express a wide variety of emotions, from happiness and joy to sadness and despair.

However, learning to play the bass or the guitar takes years of practice and a considerable budget. Apart from quality strings and the best guitar your money can buy, you’ll also need a series of accessories to improve your live performances.

A guitar tuner will be your number one ally to stay in tune so you play by the notes. Here is what you should look for to make sure you purchased the right tuner for your needs.


What are the main types of tuners?

Depending on the instrument you want to tune, you can choose between numerous types of products, including tuning forks, electronic tuners or pitch pipes. Each of these accessories comes with their own perks and downsides, so you should probably do a little research before spending your money.

Some electronic tuners come with small microphones that allow you to detect the guitar’s sound, while others can detect the strings’ vibrations.

Tuning forks are more difficult to use by newbies as they need to be struck to produce the sound of the “A” musical note. Similar to tuning forks, pitch pipes are also quite tricky to use in loud environments or by inexperienced musicians. In my opinion, an electronic guitar tuner should be your number one choice.


How to get a quality guitar tuner

If you want to choose a good product that is easy to use by all musicians, you have to opt for a tuner with an LCD display. It is easy to read and very intuitive, which will help guitarists focus on their playing skills rather than always staying in tune.

Another great function to look for in a guitar or bass tuner is the auto pitch detection. The interface of electronic tuners is similar, so all you have to do is pluck a note, and the tuner will automatically tell you which note you played. There are hundreds of online tutorials on how to use guitar tuners, so it won’t take you more than a few hours to figure out how this device works.  

Other less advanced models will require you to set the target pitch for each of your guitar’s strings.

Tuners that come with integrated metronomes are perfect for students and newbie musicians who want to practice more.

And, if you truly want a high-performance device, you’ll pick one with an integrated microphone and speakers. These tuners are more expensive but will help you develop your musical ear.


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