My favorite internet radio stations


Great music is hard to find especially in these modern times when every new song that comes out seems similar to the one released the other week. We don’t share similar taste in music so we need to find different ways to spend our time listening to music that actually motivates us.

Once you forget about finding something catchy at your local radios, you can start your research in the online area. Not only you can listen to these radios whenever you want but you have all sorts of cool options such as making playlists, sharing it with your friends and so on.



On excellent online music resource is the Beats 1 worldwide radio station created by Apple music. If you have a music subscription to this service you have the possibility to listen to numerous on-demand stations and even create your favorite music stations with music that you like. Even though Apple music is a music service specially designed for Apple devices, it works great with other types such as Android or PC that run iTunes programs.

Another great way to enjoy your favorite tunes is by using the Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. If you already have a Prime account you get free access to over two million songs on demand. Furthermore, if you’re willing to subscribe to Amazon’s paid Music Unlimited plans you can listen to almost ten million hit songs on every device that you own.



The most notable aspect is that the premium subscription to this service is completely ad-free and allows you to opt for several useful alternatives such as downloading music for offline listening, make playlists and create custom radio stations. You can opt for solo and family trials. The service goes smoothly with any kind of device, including third-party speakers and sound systems.

If you’re more into rock music and culture, you shouldn’t miss out the RipRock FM that manages to blend cool sounds from rock classic pieces with new songs from different music bands. Moreover, this radio station accepts requests so, if you want to make a special wish to a good friend, now you can with just a simple click.


We shouldn’t overlook Slacker Radio which is known for taking personalization to the ultimate level. You can opt from hundred of genres, according to your personal taste, and check the playlists that are curated by an actual DJ. As you listen to more and more of this internet radio, you can add your own touch to these stations and give Slacker your feedback. This way, you’ll get suggestions that are suitable for you and you have full access to new music on a regular basis. The radio stations are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and WebOS operating systems and if you want to get rid of the annoying ads, you can pay a $4 monthly fee that includes unlimited song skipping and access to song lyrics.

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